Who am I?


I am the youngest of three children. My older sisters are Hannah and Rebecca. I am seven and a half years old. I have a special dog named Diesel who helps me and who can do lots of tricks.


We speak both English and French at home in Brisbane, Australia. I go to the same school as my big sisters. I love music, shoes, cars, keys and people. I want to be a conductor and a doctor when I grow up. I like playing games on my tablet, swimming, biking, singing and travelling. Already I have been to Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Ireland, Singapore and the USA.


I really love playing tricks on people, especially my sisters and dad! I also like eating and sleeping.

Also did I mention that I have superpowers:

- I fight on when all seems hopeless and always see the positive in everything!

- I have always battled against the odds

- I always see the things that REALLY matter : my family, my friends, laughter, my dog

- I have the strength to give things a go....

- I face hard things which terrify most adults

- I never complain and always go through all the medical things with a smile

I am using a wheelchair and a walker to move around but an operation in the USA could be changing that for the better. This is the reason we are fundraising. WILL YOU WALK WITH ME?

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